Gilbert: from rugby balls to the tailoring Rugby uniform

Gilbert is closely associated with international and local Rugby organisations and teams. The brand began making rugby balls as early as the sport was established  in 1823.

There is much similarity between rugby and football in terms of contact. However, rugby players seem to wear a lot less protective gear.

Gilbert produces rugby apparel with technology materials. Attire  ranges from head-guards, armoured playing shirts, boots and gum-guards.

Here’s how certain clothing is designed to protect and encourage good play

The evolution head-guard is dynamic and can fit all shapes well. The guard has hollowed out ears to better avoid hindering communication on the field.

There are longer laces to allow more adjusting options.

Armoured shirts have twelve pads to protect the shoulders, sternum, chest, back and ribs. The pads are made from materials that increase muscle oxygenation.

These are made from stretch fabrics to help the garment move naturally with the body. Moisture controlling materials allow air to flow closer to the skin and keeps players cool.

The lightweight boots increase speed. A thick foot-bed allows strong take-off after planting the feet.

The use of full grain leather ensure comfort.

Gilbert fun facts

  • The brand has been in business for nearly two centuries (194 exactly)
  • Gilbert rugby balls have supplied official balls to six out of eight Rugby World Cups.
  • They have 24 partners in South Africa alone